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This is the Dur Dur Band who now have a re-release with Awesome Tapesplaying a cover of Tracy Chapman’s song ‘mountain’o things’ and a song is Kiswahili I am not familiar with. Funk Yeah.
I hope this video never disappears.

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This is the band ‘Kionange Street Avenger’s” from Nairobi. They were the only band to play at a disastrous Halloween concert last year but they really rocked it from my perspective. I have been waiting to hear something from them and this is fantastic! They have a male/female vocal share thing going on but it don’t happen in this particular song.

This video…Jivu Hai a band(?) another band(?) from Nairobi. Many theories have been flouted on Facebook as to just how this video came about – in terms of what these guys were drinking/hallucinating on. These guys are like the throbbing gristle of Kenya.

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Every moveable of wonder, from all world,

Are here - Serpents, Owls, Demons, Poltergeists,

The Testicles bearing tree, The Stone Eaters, the Man that breaths spears,

The Penile root, Incubuses, Ventriloquists, the Headless being,

The Chameleon – eyed Burst of bad omens,

The Sand Dunes, the Wadis, Sand beds,

Of  Giant foot – prints on rock masses,

All unimaginable freaks of nature,

All marvelous features of a desert:

It’s Dullness, Loneliness and Carnage,

Of Ghosts, their Malice, Madnesses and Melees;

A State of jumbled impossibilities,

A true Epitome of Scrambled knowledge,

Solid and Beings Molten into thin Air;

Reduced to Zero identity, by Name and Nature –

No nature, nor Impression of Life,

The land of many Invisibilities and Stills. 


NOTE: This is a section of my 100 page poetry anthology

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 And you massacred all innocent olive trees,

Multilating all mugumo   trees,

That sheltered your mathembo,

You startled the spirits of  Vuna   and Kyutu,

 With axes you slew all what’s green.


You ruthlessly tossed their bodies into fire,

And used their bones in your housing,

Leaving their feet pinned to the ground,

You enjoyed their dry bone’s fire: mallevolent.


You invented our empires with lethal weapons,

Socking us all to death,

With saws you cut and ripped our bodies,

You made saw dust from our bones;

Your ears deaf to our cries of pain.


Out of our patience you succeeded,

We cooperated and didn’t attack back,

But we all watched helplessly,

As you brutally multilated our bodies,

We died all in your mighty hands.

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Body & soul – (sTERRYo edito) by Ter Khan
Joe Driscoll and Sekou Kouyate – New York by Joe Driscoll
Niama Makalou et African Soul Band – Kognokoura (Daphni’s Part 2 Edit) by sofrito
Owiny Sigoma Band – ‘Wires’ by Brownswood
Owiny Sigoma Band // MO FIYAAAA!!! MIXTAPE by Brownswood

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I have had these sitting in my “Black Rock Foundation” Playlist for a few months…Jumping across borders just like the music!
Looking for Tanzanian videos…. (punk etc)
pls comment

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