Bin Khalid Sonic Pollution

…is a digital publishing and distribution network based in Nairobi, Kenya.

We aim to build solid foundations for collective musical and artistic creation.

If you enjoy our music please consider donating to help us as we continue to bring it to you. (Note Mustang Bicycles is kindly accepting donations on our behalf)


This blog is dedicated to all those folks in Africa who have to earn their daily bread by being an artists and also to all those who have something real from the heart and soul to give but must  put it on hold in order to survive or just maintain. “United we are standing, we are together, we are one” Aluta Continua!

History: Bin Khalid Sonic Pollution was established in 2001 as a collectively owned soundsystem between punk bands in Nairobi. At the time it was one of only a few operational soundsystems (capable of supporting live bands) in Nairobi and it was certainly the most affordable. Consequently, the soundsystem and those running it saw action in all theaters of live music across Nairobi. Operating on a volunteer basis B.K.S.P. quickly became a mechanism facilitating an underground music scene in the city. Most notably volunteers emerging from the musical underground of the rock scene collaborated extensively with emerging Afro-fusion/jazz artists laying the foundation for the fantastic recording and production projects that were to follow.

Unfortunately there was not enough revenue to sustain B.K.S.P.’s activities as an entity unto itself. When a good portion of the soundsystem was stolen from a show in 2005 B.K.S.P. was forced to draw down its’ live activities mainly to DJ’s and Soundsystem’s. In 2006 Gearz K. took the executive decision to donate the equipment to the Bongo Roots collective in order to focus on the question of what to do with the accumulated recorded material. Bongo Roots went on to set up a  television show on Citizen TV called “Kipawa Sato” and a national network of artistes (GWIAN).

The business strategy that has developed out of this collaboration aims to allow B.K.S.P. to return to live production and expanded recorded production, simultaneously supporting the careers of affiliated artistes with a 50% stake in all royalty payments.