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Nairobi at Noon in the Tree Canopy [long environment audio recording]

from Tropical Soundscapes - Nairobi (royalty free) [hi​-​fi environment audio] by Nairobi



The most prominent feature of this field recording is the symphony of birdsong that bursts with color and informs us audibly of the dimensions of this periurban tropical soundscape as we hear the calls moving in and around our canopy perch. The bridsong cascades through the landscape punctuating the sound of the leaves of the huge Jacaranda trees rustling in the wind. This recording was made at noon in the Northern part of Nairobi. This part of the starts to elevate in altitude compared to the rest of the City as it approaches it's northern neighbouring county of Kiambu. This location is within leafy suburbs that border on the Karura forest, quiet enough to capture a plethora of natural and animal sounds and at the same time you can hear the city in the distance. A large variety of tropical species of birds and also animals like Vervet monkeys roam within this soundscape and we are lucky enough to have over 30 species of birds in this recording in addition to the Vervet Monkey. The recording was made using a single Beyerdynamic MC 930 from a height of the roof/bottom of the tree canopy. You can hear the sounds echoing from around the neighbourhood, children; chicken; guinea fowl; the occasional vehicle maing it's way down the potholed street.
The perfect juxtaposition between urban and natural - the unique soundscape of an African city.
Enjoy this royalty free recording for your film, game or whatever you choose.


from Tropical Soundscapes - Nairobi (royalty free) [hi​-​fi environment audio], track released March 16, 2020
recorded and engineered by Harvey Herr




Bin Khalid Sonic Pollution + Obsydian Media Nairobi, Kenya

Bin Khalid Sonic Pollution publishes and distributes independent and underground music from Kenya.

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